An Amazing Journey

A little over 5 years ago many said it simply could not be done.  The dream of an Impact 360, however, could not be thwarted.  Soon the first phase of our present organization was born under the name of the Arkansas Martial Arts Academy.  Our 4 students turned into 10, those 10 turned into 25, 25 to 50, and, to the amazement of outspoken naysayers, 50 blossomed into 75, and the 75 mushroomed to triple digits.  The Arkansas Martial Arts Academy became Impact 360, and those 100 students have come close to doubling.  And Impact 360 is on the rise.  Perhaps an interesting side note will make this all the more impressive.  During this period martial arts schools in Arkansas were in sharp decline.  The economy turning bad and the inability to keep current students and draw new ones caused scores of martial arts studios in our state to cut back their services significantly and numerous ones to close altogether.  In Searcy alone 6 martial arts schools have closed over the lifespan of Impact 360.   

Impact 360’s success is not only found in our number of students.  The performance of our students on the mat has produced 2 Junior Olympic Sparring Championships, 7 National Sparring Championships, and 16 State Sparring Championships.  Check this blog in 5 months for significant updates.

The true focus and success of Impact 360, though, does not reside in numbers and championships.  There is no doubt that when people on the outside speak of our “brand,” they discuss our size and tournament successes.  But when our leaders reflect on the successes of the program, two words dominate the discussion: changed lives.  That is why the organization was created in the first place.  We are convinced this serves as what distinguishes us from other organizations and makes it all worthwhile.

There is so much I could write.  This has been an amazing journey.  Those of us who have been here from the beginning stand in a constant state of awe as we continue to see the progress of the organization.  The most exciting idea on our minds?  2011.  Enjoy the ride!

Dr. Scot Crenshaw

President, Impact 360