Class Time Changes


Note that this will not affect the vast majority of you.  The Our Locations and Class Times has all adjustments listed.  Karate and Olympic Taekwondo classes will now be in “Block” times.  Classes will last 55 minutes instead of 45 minutes – will have a 5 minute break and spar for 30 minutes (Block 1 is 4:00 – 5:30PM with this breakdown….4:00-4:55PM & sparring 5:00-5:30PM).  Classes have typically ran this way with overage and gear up times…we’re just making it official.

Traditional Taekwondo Students note that there are new class times and the addition of “Beginner” and “Intermediate / Advanced” classes!  We have had so much growth we’ve added more classes!!!

Coming Soon – Martial Arts for Law Enforcement.  This class will be open ONLY to those currently serving in Armed Forces, Security Jobs, Law Enforcement, EMTs, Prision Guards, & Firemen.  Interested in knowing more?  Contact Alana Ragsdale @ (501) 207-1300.

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