Black Belt & Color Belt Testings December 7th – 8th 2012

12.8.12 Testing Pic


KungFu Testing


First of all a word of congratulations to those who were in this testing cycle. We had a record breaking 90 who tested in this cycle! Impact 360 is 200 students strong and growing!  A special note to those who tested in the Black Belt Testing on Friday December 7th:

4th Degree Black Belt in Karate

Dr. Gerald Scot Crenshaw

Nicholas Scot Crenshaw

Morgan Elyse Crenshaw

Jordan York Crenshaw

1st Degree Black Belt in Karate

Dennis Matlock

Wade McCabe

David Lumpkin

Camilia Nauden

Recommended Black Belt

J.D. Glenn – Karate

Ben Graul – Karate

Levi Minner – Olympic Taekwondo

I am humbled by both Friday night and Saturday. I look out from the table and I see people who have put their heart and soul in all that they do and it has paid off. Students, I am proud of you and your accomplishments and I’m here to say every bit of your work is worth it. To those who tested on Friday and received their black belt for the first time…welcome to the brotherhood and sisterhood of martial artists dating back hundreds and thousands of years. Your hard work and commitment is and has paid off and you make the school proud. Your journey is just beginning. For those who received their first degree black belt…keep up your good work… you will now begin to understand things you never have before and we will share with you our knowledge in depth…you are the leaders students look up to and strive to be where you stand right now. For those who tested for their fourth degree…you have entered a new world of martial arts…one that transcends the physical aspects (although that is still a very strong component). I never doubted for a minute your marital arts future from day one. A perfect blend of high level martial arts ability with high level teaching ability…truly a rare find.

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